Qualification- and Requirement based management

What if ... :
  • You would have realtime visibility to whole organisations performed competences, skills and know-hows
  • You and employee can see organisations multilevel requirements status in one realtime overview
  • Events, Training and Onboarding will automatically be added to requirements and persons performances
  • You would have comprehensive tools for resource management, searches and resiliency planning
  • Know your Human Capital and control your requirement GAPs'.


safetypass features

Safetypass.EU is a comprehensive Qualification Management platform that helps companies manage their workforce qualifications with ease. The platform provides a user-friendly interface that allows Business line and HR managers to track and manage employee qualifications, certifications, and training programs, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and industry standards.

Safetypass.EU offers a range of features designed to help companies optimize their workforce planning and development, including automated reporting, real-time data analytics, and customizable workflows. The platform is available in multiple languages and can be easily customized to meet the needs of any company, regardless of size or industry.

With Safetypass.EU, companies can improve their efficiency, reduce administrative overhead, and make data-driven decisions around staffing, training and development. The platform is designed to support Businesses at every stage of the Qualification Management process, from initial planning to ongoing tracking and reporting.

Overall, Safetypass.EU is a powerful tool for any company looking to improve their Qualification Management processes and optimize their workforce planning and development. With its user-friendly interface, robust feature set and customizable workflows, Safetypass.EU is a valuable asset for any Business/HR team looking to manage their workforce qualifications with ease.

Safetypass.EU is a Qualification Management platform that offers a comprehensive set of tools and features to help organizations manage and track the qualifications and skills of their employees.

These functionalities includes modules like:

  • Skill assessment and testing
  • Certification management
  • Training management
  • Compliance management
  • Performance evaluation and tracking
  • Career development planning
  • Succession planning
  • Recruitment and onboarding support
  • Learning and development programs
  • Employee engagement and feedback surveys
  • ...

Safetypass.EU offers tools for Data-driven decision making and to help companies track and manage their workforce qualifications in time. This is beneficial in several ways:

Historical data: By tracking employee qualifications and training history over time, Qualification Management will provide valuable historical data that can be used in data-driven decision making. This data helps companies identify trends and patterns in their workforce qualifications and skills, which is used make inform decisions around workforce planning, training, and development.

Real-time decisions: Safetypass.EU provides real-time data on employee qualifications and skills. This is essential in decision making around staffing, project management, and resource allocation. For example, a company could use this data to identify employees with the necessary skills to take on new projects or to identify skill gaps that needs to be addressed through training or in hiring.

Future planning: Safetypass.EU helps companies plan for the future by identifying workforces needs in projects and skill requirements. This helps companies stay ahead of the competition by ensuring that they have the necessary talent at-the-right-time in-right-place to meet future demands.

In Summary, Safetypass.EU provides valuable data that can be used in data-driven decision making. By knowing their workforce qualifications and skills, companies can make more informed decisions around staffing, training, and development, which will contribute to the success and growth of the company.

Qualification Management will help Business line/HR to improve workforce planning, increase efficiency, enhance compliance, and make better decisions around staffing, training, and development. This does contribute to the success and growth of the company, while also providing employees with the support they need to be successful in their roles.

Improved workforce planning: By tracking and managing employee qualifications and skills, organization will better understand the current and future skill sets of their workforce. This will inform decisions around staffing, training, and development, which helpw to ensure that the company has the talents it needs to achieve its business objectives.

Increased efficiency: Qualification Management also helps to streamline Business line/HR processes and reduce administrative overhead. By automating tasks like tracking employee performances and managing training programs, QM-team is helping to save time and resources that can be used to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Enhanced compliance: A business line using Qualification Management will also help HR to ensure that the company is in compliance with regulatory requirements and in harmony with internal Quality-goals. By tracking and managing employee qualifications, QM-team will ensure that employees are properly trained and certified to perform their jobs, which does reduce the risk of non-compliance and associated penalties by regulator or reflecting corporate agreements.

Better decision making: By having access to real-time data on employee qualifications and skills, Business will make more informed up-to-date decisions around staffing, training, and development. This helps to ensure that the company has the talent it needs to achieve its business goals, while also ensuring that employees are given the opportunities they need to grow and develop in their careers.

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Safetypass.EU Platform of Competence Management has been created by Redicom Oy (Ltd).

With this SaaS system one may versatively govern the diverse competence and skill smanagements requirements, resource planning, location based requirements and the fullfitment of these entities.

Safetypass.EU is the missing factor to bridge the HR skill-registering and business line requirement based needs into one powerful toolset.

Tools will implement the set business requirements to provide the need based views of GAPs and needs for employees and supply chains.

Welcome to SafetyPass.EU platform!

Customer Cases

Energy sector

In Energy Sector there are many requlatory- and qualitycontrol based skill-demands. Quite often these demands consist of multiple skill- and knowhow combinations.

These combinations form the base of qualification for each individual employee to perform on assigned tasks.

This complex net of each employee can be resolved with Safetypass.EU.

Aviation & Airports

Aviation Services need to full fill regulatory needs, organization specific internal needs and agreement based Airline needs.

When you combine to this entity differing business areas of Airport Logistics, Airport Services, Cabin Crew ja Ground Handling and their function one needs to have an powerful and automated platform to display the requirements in realtime accurate qualifications. Once this is auditable we will have planes flying and luggages moving.

Fire&Rescue & Healthcare

For Safe Rescue actions there is a comprehensive base training program included with annual demands for each Rescue-employee both in Fire- and ER-actions.

Since all training is annual and with overlapping jobtasks the training needs are hard to be ontime or completed.

Managing this is complex, manual and costly. After taking Safetypass.EU in action we have been able to cut down the overall cost into 1/4 of previous methods.

Safetypass.EU in numbers

Safetypass.EU has brought to these extreme needs cost effectiveness and realtime simplicity to make the every day life easier and more controllable with ontime reporting and management.

  • Organizations: >100
  • Skills: >6000
  • Performances: >400'000
  • Human Capital: >50'000'000€

Time for excel-registers is over - Future is in platforms for real-time decision making.

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