Qualification- and Requirement based management

What if ... :
  • You would have realtime visibility to whole organisations performed competences, skills and know-hows
  • You and employee can see organisations multilevel requirements status in one realtime overview
  • Events, Training and Onboarding will automatically be added to requirements and persons performances
  • You would have comprehensive tools for resource management, searches and resiliency planning
  • Know your Human Capital and control your requirement GAPs'.


safetypass features

Requirements can have either single or multiple levels. Multiple levels of requirement can now be set up with minimal or not-at-all manual actions.

In Safetypass.EU we model Organizational Requirements into platform dependencies connected to position, location, project, roles and/or personal need.

With this modelling we output the GAPs employee has and report it in a simple and effective way to supervisors thorough the hierarchy in question.

Also this allows us to give a training path to new employee hired to a position or moved to a new project-entity.

Requirement mapping is full filled automatically as employee progresses in his/her onboarding or training within the needs.

Performances are automated into single-input-reporting means.

Safetypass.EU can manage onboarding-, event-based and weekly-trainings so that the performed trainining events can be handled in one place with automated reporting and filling of requirement-model of Organisation.

These processes are made to a fluid workflow from event calendars to feedback and reporting so that supervisors have the full knowledge of realtime actions of employees.

Onboarding can include inductor requirements or Events can be done by outsourced instructors.

In all cases all processes are created to minimize the manual labour too often needed to transfer the statuses of current situation per partizipiants.

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Once your Organizations Qualifications/Competences/Skills/Performances are in one place you can start doing some digging to it.

Safetypass.EU has a comprehencive Resource Management module in which one can to extreme searches from multiple layers of data and find that needle from haystack to business need.

You can also create Organizational Resiliency towards positions or employee persons and define successors/backups with knowledge points close to one targetted.

You also can create comparison matrixes or do group searches by targetted skills within the whole or part of the organization.

If you want to have more granular skills we can define know-hows by levels and add that to be one more informational layer to be searched.

SafetyPass.EU provides full transparenzy into management of data. All actions are GDPR designed.

We provide top down management visibility with several Application Roles and their rules for data visibility.

Platform provides several reporting levels for individual employee to the management board to have realtime online access to create new directions for business decisions needed to be done.

Register based days are over - move toward process oriented competence management where data is born by during differing business processes and lead your way to even better future.

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Step into the future of competence management ... today

Safetypass.EU Platform of Competence Management has been created by Redicom Oy (Ltd).

With this SaaS system one may versatively govern the diverse competence and skill smanagements requirements, resource planning, location based requirements and the fullfitment of these entities.

Safetypass.EU is the missing factor to bridge the HR skill-registering and business line requirement based needs into one powerful toolset.

Tools will implement the set business requirements to provide the need based views of GAPs and needs for employees and supply chains.

Welcome to SafetyPass.EU platform!

Customer Cases

Energy sector

In Energy Sector there are many requlatory- and qualitycontrol based skill-demands. Quite often these demands consist of multiple skill- and knowhow combinations.

These combinations form the base of qualification for each individual employee to perform on assigned tasks.

This complex net of each employee can be resolved with Safetypass.EU.

Aviation & Airports

Aviation Services need to full fill regulatory needs, organization specific internal needs and agreement based Airline needs.

When you combine to this entity differing business areas of Airport Logistics, Airport Services, Cabin Crew ja Ground Handling and their function one needs to have an powerful and automated platform to display the requirements in realtime accurate qualifications. Once this is auditable we will have planes flying and luggages moving.

Fire&Rescue & Healthcare

For Safe Rescue actions there is a comprehensive base training program included with annual demands for each Rescue-employee both in Fire- and ER-actions.

Since all training is annual and with overlapping jobtasks the training needs are hard to be ontime or completed.

Managing this is complex, manual and costly. After taking Safetypass.EU in action we have been able to cut down the overall cost into 1/4 of previous methods.

Some numbers

Safetypass.EU has brought to these extreme needs cost effectiveness and realtime simplicity to make the every day life easier and more controllable with ontime reporting and management.

  • Organizations: >100
  • Skills: >6000
  • Performances: >400'000
  • Human Capital: >50'000'000€

Time for registers is over
- future is for process orientated Competence Management.

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