Competence and -management eco-system

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Personal Log-Book

Join the service and receive authorization-keys to share your competences.

No more need to carry those cards and diplomas everywhere.

Give your auth-key and link to this page for employer, contractor or anybody in need to see your valid competences.

Each query is logged to see who was watching your compentence. By logging in to the system you can create your skills and to set the publicity of each competence.

This way you will have automatic Personal Safety Logbook - service for EU-wide usage.

Why are you not joined oll ready!

Organizations Qualifications monitoring with Skills-Register

Safetypass.EU includes skills-register for organizations. Persons share their competences for the company and Companies get the monitored lists needed.

We have also build an backend integration to provide the skills-querys - so that no one has to carry that big diploma-stack with.

Compatiple and open system can automatically connect and query skills for the persons in the site. If skills are getting obsolete one will be notified of the matter in time, so that no workdays are lost because of that.

This way you will have automatic Personal Safety Logbook - service for employees, freelancers, intermediaries and other organizations and corporates.

Why are you not joined oll ready!

Manage your Course-tray

Safetypass.EU offers fully integrated Course-Tray management to make your own courses visible and to allow potential attendees to reserve a seat in Your training.

Educator - just register in, create your organization, create your competence and create your offerings as a course-tray and sit back and prepare your classes.

All courses are automatically included in our Search-Engine to help potential parties to find your training.

Once attendees sign-in you will automatically get many notification of the upcoming course situation and allow you to be in communication with attendees.

Open the Course-tray

Register your organization and make your competences visible

If you want to have a skill-register for your organization the first step is to start registering.

If you are employer- or educational-organization or you have some public competence-training you need to be registered also before you can create skills/cources.

In next phase we are bringing an integrated course-manager to make it possible to manage attendees, course timetables and make searches to available education.

Safetypass.EU qualifications can be seen in 'Show qualifications' button.

Register your organization :: Show qualifications

Welcome to Safetypass.EU - free flow of workforce.

Virtualize your stack of cards

Your walled can hold more than competence-cards. Sign-Up and virtualize your cards into our database and share them.

Safe and controlled Sharing

You are the one to give permissions to public/internal or private competence you have. All querys are logged for you.


Service is logging of your datas usage for you. You can then see who make querys to your data.


Watching after your skills valid-dates and alerting about expirement for you and your community/empoloyer ensures that you will not loose any workdays because of skill-blocking to site.

Join us and build up and share your virtual competence.