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While registering you can send personal data-querys to other registrar-organizations to validate your skills. These validated skills form your compentences in all. You don´t have to do anything else.

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Things to avoid:

  • Avoid using common names and sentences
  • Avoid repeating real world patterns ('abc', '123')
  • Avoid repeating keyboard patterns ('qwerty', 'asdf')
  • Words in backwards are as easy to guess than normal words
  • Avoid years
Terms of Use

I authorize Safetypass to make data-requests to following organizations on behalf of me:

TTK - Centre for Occupational Safety
SPEK - The Finnish Rescue Service
Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency
Finnish Red Cross
Redicom Oy
+358 207 120 480
Kutomotie 16
00380 Helsinki
Finland, EU