Terms of Use


The service makes it possible to search for and display the course accomplishments and cards and course descriptions and contents defined as public by the user so that external parties can view and evaluate them. The service displays the training account accomplishments that have been set as public by the user or, correspondingly, the accomplishments set as public to signed-in users and/or as internal. The service is available at www.safetypass.eu.

The competence register can be browsed using ONLINE searches in a browser, or the service can be connected via a system integration for purposes such as automatic checks as part of a construction industry process. All searches are logged, and displayed to the party that the query concerns.

The administrator adds various parties to the service, as well as courses or qualifications with a public_general status. Each organisation can also register for the service and enter its own course offerings for the use of end-users and_or trainers. The public offering is displayed to everyone, and details marked as internal are only displayed to the organisation’s own personnel.

Every Search generates a list of the person’s active training events, as well as links to the details of the training event on the service provider’s website. Every course is monitored via the course-specific validity, and the person decides on the publicity of this information themselves.

When there are no valid course accomplishments, the system notifies the user and does not display anything more.

Every organisation is ultimately responsible for the accuracy of the training content. When a training event is added to the system by the administrator, the organisation is sent a notification of the added course and a request to check the course attributes.

The search engine can be used to search for a person’s course accomplishments and course details, which are:

  • The person’s name
  • Valid courses
  • Link to the course content hosted by the service provider
  • Link to the course homepage ​

Using the search engine

The Safetypass.eu search engine can be used without registration by going to www.safetypass.eu. By performing a search on the Safetypass.eu search engine, you accept these terms of use.

Users agree that the search engine may contain information about them that is more than 2 years old if the user has other valid courses/qualifications. Users consent to their information being stored indefinitely.

Users are entitled and able to request a description of the information that the service holds about them at any time. Users can do this by signing in to the service and outputting the usage report for themselves under “My information”. Users are also entitled/able to be forgotten by selecting “Forget me” on the corresponding page. In such circumstances, the user is removed from the service entirely, and the user’s information or accomplishments are no longer available to the official training provider, trainer or service at all.

The “Forget me” function may be temporarily prevented by a legal requirement for an employer to retain critical data or the training owner’s rights in the event of “legitimate interest”.

The Safetypass.eu search engine may only be used in accordance with these terms of use and any other terms, conditions and/or instructions referred to in these terms of use. The data on the Safetypass.eu search engine must not be saved on a third system, as the accuracy of the data depends on the up-to-date activity of an online search.

REDICOM OY reserves the right to delete, alter or correct the data, images, links or other material on the Safetypass.eu search engine if they prove to be incorrect, if a third party presents claims relating to them, or in other justified circumstances. Data is also deleted if the fees required for the maintenance of the data are not paid.

Every course owner is responsible for the accuracy of their course content, and the participating organisations and their supervisors are responsible for the accuracy of the information they enter. REDICOM OY shall not be held liable for the accuracy of information entered by a third party.

REDICOM OY is entitled to refuse the right of use if these terms of use and/or any other terms, conditions or instructions referred to in these terms of use are breached.

Use of cookies

We use cookies on our website. Cookies are small text files that are sent to and saved on the user’s computer. They enable the administrators of internet sites to identify visitors who visit the site frequently, make it easier for visitors to sign in to the site, and enable aggregated information about visitors to be compiled. This feedback enables us to continuously improve the content of our site. Cookies do not harm users’ computers or files. We use them to enable us to provide our customers with information and services tailored to their individual needs.

If any users visiting our website do not want us to receive the aforementioned information using cookies, most browsers allow cookies to be blocked.

However, it should be noted that some of the pages we maintain and the services we offer may not function correctly without cookies.

Rights to the Safetypass.eu search engine

The visual appearance of the Safetypass.eu search engine and the material published on the service are the property of REDICOM OY or its partners, and they are protected by trademarks, copyright and/or other intellectual property rights.

The material on the Safetypass.eu search engine may be browsed and copies may be made by printing or downloading the data onto a device. However, the material may only be used for non-commercial and personal use. It is prohibited for users to use the Safetypass.eu search engine and the data, images and other material provided on the search engine as a part of their own services or for other commercial purposes without the written consent of REDICOM OY.

Maintenance of the Safetypass.eu search engine

REDICOM OY provides no guarantees that the service is technically flawless or that it is available at all times. REDICOM OY is responsible for the maintenance of the search engine. Any errors can be reported to support@redicom.fi.

Alterations to the terms of use and service

REDICOM OY is entitled to unilaterally alter these terms of use. Alterations will be announced on REDICOM OY’s website or via the search engine. REDICOM OY is also entitled to alter the search engine and its content and features if it so desires and/or to discontinue the maintenance and provision of the search engine without notice or other action.

Responsibilities and obligations

When REDICOM OY publishes search results, it does not assume any form of liability for damages due to personal loss or other damage that may result directly or indirectly from the use of the service, using the product in accordance with the search results, or the work done by the holder of the training.

User’s obligations and responsibility

If a user of the Safetypass.eu breaches these contractual terms and conditions and the terms of use or copyright law, the client shall be obliged to indemnify REDICOM OY in full for the loss or damage caused by this.

Right of ownership and copyright

The ownership and copyright of the names, content, logos and/or certificates of the various training entities and any other related services belong to the organisation that has registered them. Safetypass.eu is not liable or responsible for the training events on these courses, the course contents or the copyrights.

The rights of personal customers are limited solely to the person’s own data and the maintenance of such data on the Safetypass.eu service. External copying of the material is allowed only to the extent permitted by copyright law. Administrators may keep this data in the online service and in backups. Resale of search results and all forms of commercial exploitation are prohibited. It is prohibited to use Safetypass.eu services, products and database material to create new databases or other publications or for other commercial exploitation or to transfer material to a third party for corresponding purposes.

Assignment of the agreement

The agreement with a person, organisation or training concerning the Safetypass.eu search engine cannot be assigned to a third party without the written consent of REDICOM OY.

Dispute resolution

Any disputes between the customer_client_user of the Safetypass.eu search engine and REDICOM OY shall be resolved at Espoo District Court in accordance with Finnish law.

Company details

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